Web Design

Buzinet was formed in 1999 and was one of Pembrokeshire’s first web design companies. Over the past two decades we have consistently kept up with the latest technology and trends within web design and web development. We have an understanding and experience of how websites are built from the ground up from our inception with simple html code to the multi-faceted, multi-platform data driven websites of today. We keep an eye on the trends and are always striving to improve our offering to make our websites easier to use from both user and administrator points of view.


When building a website there is nothing more important than the visual impact on the user. To create a great website you need great photographs and the best way to get the best images for the job is to take them yourself. So we have psent many years honing our photography skills so that we can provide our customers with the added value of bespoke photography for their projects.

Sub Contracting

Throughout our history Buzinet has been utilised by other companies who need to sub contract web based jobs, whether that be for our experience and skill or for our highly competitive rates. Many city based companies charge up to double our rates for their services because of the higher overheads associated with those cities, so if you’d like to sub contract to us please get in touch info@buzinet.co.uk

Web Maintenance Support

Our experience and competitive rates at Buzinet also make us an obvious choice for companies who require regular support with their web offering. Buzinet are a viable alternative to in-house web site support staff, cutting down on employment costs, available at need and most importantly benefitting from a wide experience with in web design, web maintenance and web hosting, meaning that our customers get a better quality of web maintenance support than from an in-house staff member.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or SEO is a widely used term covering a variety of different disciplines. At Buzinet we look at a client’s website, their business and what they need from that website at that particular time to tailor our plans to each individual case. There are of course a number of ‘standard’ procedures that we undertake when optimising a website but we always make sure that these changes are relevant for the particular case, we won’t carry out any unnecessary work and we will explain what it is that we are doing.

Web Marketing Consultancy

We often work with companies to give them a ‘shape’ to their online / offline marketing strategy, there is a great deal more value to had from linking social media, website, email marketing ad traditional display marketing together to create a coherent mix. Whether it be simple web analytics connected with landing pages for external media or timed structured campaigns Buzinet can help to give you a plan to work to with measurable outcomes with an eye on that all important ROI that we all want from our marketing spend.

Data Interpretation

Some of our customers already have an in-house marketing team working on digital campaigns, we supplement their team by interpreting their data along with external trends to give guidance on what to do next. We have great experience with both Google Analytics and Google AdWords and use a number of other tools to build a picture of social and website usage and customer demographic to advise on everything from new marketing campaigns to the importance of ‘sticky’ web pages and building customer loyalty. It is in this area, data interpretation, which is seemingly a dry, mathematical subject that we most apply our creativity to get the best results, giving our customers an edge over the competition.

Corporate Identity

Buzinet also has experience in providing clean and sharp corporate identities for companies, whether those be simple logos, full online / print materials or even brand concept identities helping companies to define and communicate their company ethos.

Business Development Consultation

As a result of our many years in business and the businesses we have touched along the way we have built up a wealth of experience in the development of businesses’ online strategies. We are often asked to help map out business ideas and assess their feasibility giving business owners a sounding board for their plans and particularly vetting their digital elements. Often this includes reviewing third party development plans giving business owners peace of mind that they are getting good value from their technical development partners.