Season To Taste

Everyone has a memory of a great meal or dish that their mother, father or grandparent used to make, it was special to them and perfected over time. You can’t find the recipes for those meals in a cook book, you might find something similar but it won’t be the same because it’s specific to them and has evolved over time through knowledge of their ingredients and knowledge of their audience.

Much the same can be said when putting together a recipe for a marketing campaign, every company is different, both what they offer and their audience is different to the next company’s. So following a standard ‘marketing mix’ recipe isn’t going to be that helpful, at best you’ll be keeping pace with the lower level performers in your field . However, if you take that initial recipe and then review each of its elements in relation to the company you can begin to add some spice to it, some personality, understand the target market and chose your elements accordingly.

A potential customer demographic can be built up by reviewing existing customer information. At its simplest level, are they young or old etc. With this information in hand choices can be made as to which social media platforms would suit a particular company and what tone and content the posts should have. Over time this recipe is refined as knowledge increases of ingredients and audience, if you persevere you’ll get there eventually, but if you need any help just let us know. –

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