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More Traffic, Sharp Focus Or Broad Brush?

How do you set up your website for the greatest impact, the most users and ultimately the biggest improvements to your bottom line? It’s a question that has no ‘silver bullet’ answer, there have been thousands of systems, plans, and cheats that have come and gone to achieve this and if you’ve tried really hard to ‘beat the system’ you will have tried some convoluted plans (or paid someone to try for you). But search has grown up, it’s all about one person, the user, give them what they want and they might just do business with you.

In the past websites tried to gather as much traffic as possible for as wide a range of subject matter as possible, throwing a wide net hoping to catch everything and just keep what they want, a wasteful method and soon found out by improved search engine algorithms. In more recent years website owners went down the route of creating tightly focused single subject websites to try and get search engines to rank them highly because of their specialism on a subject, again these websites are now often seen as ‘spammy’ and demoted.

So where is that ‘silver bullet’? Well there still isn’t one, but if you build up useful focused areas of content within your website and a well laid out ‘broad brush’ of content areas within your home page you have the best organic search platform from which to plan your other efforts. Be more focused with pay per click, social and email channels, create useful landing pages to encourage user engagement and you will build strong steady traffic that isn’t here today and gone tomorrow.

So you should use focused content and wider topic area base content alongside each other to advertise your business, but most importantly have a plan and measure the usefulness of each of your channels regularly and modify your plan using those results. Understand that you should have different expectations from different areas of your website and marketing as a whole and work on it little and often, in the long run you will win out.

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