Conscientious Content

I’ve recently been reading a number of well-regarded sources on the subjects in and around SEO and  web marketing, some really in-depth content, and saw that some of the ideas seemed to be harking back to the bad old days. Many suggestions, when considered carefully, had that feel of “it’ll work for now but might get outlawed next month”.

I was encouraged when I saw a common-sense article about website accessibility, something which there was a real buzz about in the UK around seven or eight years ago, and was relieved. In fact web accessibility standards for users with disabilities and the coding standards that drive them are a very useful road map for creating content which is attractive within search results. By carefully annotating code and writing relevant descriptions of non-text elements we allow screen readers for the visually impaired to better convey the content of a website to a user. In doing this we also code a website which best describes its purpose to a search engine, the fact that the website is easy to read and use for all types of user means that it is achieving what a search engine requires, it become a good result to display for a relevant search.

It’s in the interest of search providers to show relevant search results, without them users will eventually turn to another method of search to find more useful content.

So, if your website has relevant content and it’s well marked up it will be found for relevant searches, it may take time but it will happen.

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