Anaeronbis Stable Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion website. A company specialising in the extraction of energy from waste, whether that be farm or food waste. This client needed a website and new logo designed, both needed to communicate the scientific core of the company.

Coco’s Milford Haven

Coco’s restaurant on Milford Haven Marina needed a website to compliment it’s busy Facebook feed.

Whereas a Facebook feed is just that, a feed, which goes by, a website is a constant signpost and as a result needs to include high quality images and a sense of style and solidity which is not always apparent on social media. So we were also commissioned for the photography and content on the website.

The aim was to best reflect the quality of the food and decor, so we did a photo shoot during service and then a more relaxed shoot at coffee time on a Sunday morning. The resultant images were developed in Lightroom and really lift the website.

David Wilson Photography

David Wilson Photography – a collection of predominantly black and white limited edition fine art coastal and landscape photographs of Pembrokeshire and the rest of Wales. Buzinet created an in depth e-commerce website using the WordPress / Woocommerce platform for David Wilson Photography, this hooks up to the Sagepay payment gateway inspiring confidence in customers.


Honesberie Shooting School

Buzinet re-designed the Honesberie Shooting School website and enhanced their exisiting logo to create a refreshed branding style. In addition to web Buzinet produced a wide variety of supporting brochure and print media.

Tour of Pembrokeshire

Buzinet have been involved in the design and marketing of the Tour of Pembrokeshire since 2011. The styling and the website for the Tour have been through a subtle evolution during the intervening years, every changing and always with an eye on the core values of the event, quality and community. In 2017 the event continues to move forward with the help of Buzinet both as a web designer, marketer and content creator.


“Buzinet have helped the Tour of Pembrokeshire grow from a small local event with around 500 entrants to the 1500 plus entrants we see today, developing the brand and supporting the ethos of a local event supporting the local community.”

Peter Walker – Organiser Tour of Pembrokeshire


In addition to this Buzinet produced and distributed press releases to the cycling, local and national press along with targeted email campaigns to engage existing and potential riders.


Buzinet has also produced print media for the event including large format banners and signage, rider route cards, posters, printed souvenir designs and the very successful souvenir t-shirts illustrating the 2014 event widely regarded as one of the toughest days out on a bike because of the route and weather involved.


The Tour of Pembrokeshire is the perfect example of what can be achieved alongside an immersive full service agency like Buzinet.


Jenkins and Davies

Jenkins and Davies Engineering needed a responsive website with good search engine compatibility. They were already using the WordPress platform so a new responsive design and a simplification of their website content and layout structure meant that the company can now get its message across clearly and concisely. It’s very important for companies in this sector to demonstrate the areas in which they work, the services they supply and most importantly what qualifies them to work in those fields, this website does just that.


Stables Restaurant Tenby

The Stables Restaurant in Tenby needed a new website to conincide with their opening. First and foremost the requirement was for a design that could best display images of the food on sale and to give a flavour of the restuarnt menu. Buzinet combined a simple dynamically resizing single comlumn layout with galleries and booking enquiry form along with a classic menu layout to get the message across. In addition Buzinet designed and built Facebook and Twitter pages to support the website activity, between each of the mediums the Stables Restaurant Tenby is building a positive online profile which will only grow with future interaction.


Edward Perkins Rural Chartered Surveyors

Edward Perkins Rural Chartered Surveyors specialise in the sale and letting of farms and agricultural land. They needed to update an older website so that it would be compatible with modern device viewport sizes, covering everything from smart phones to wide screen monitors. In addition to this there was a requirement for a tailor made property search and display feature. Buzinet created a website using advanced property listings software on the WordPress platform to allow Edward Perkins to best display their property portfolio allowing the use of Google maps, video and advanced image galleries.


Joseph Kiff Photography

Joseph needed a simple, fresh website to display his portfolio of Wedding and Sports Photography. As a creative he had a firm idea of the look and feel he needed which we took and built into a functional and stylish website. The system encorporates a portfolio and blog area which allow Joseph to easily keep his website up to date with his latest work. The website is built to display on a range of devices from smartphones to tablets and laptops and dynamically resizes and re-distributes content to fit each device.


Cleddau Insurance

Cleddau Insurance needed a simple professional looking website as a point of contact for potential customers. Buzinet provided a clean, responsive website with a search engine optimised build giving the company confidence that they will be found within geographic searches within their areas of business and have a professional first point of contact with clients.


Pembrokeshire Islands

Pembrokeshire Islands run boat trips and wildlife cruises around the world famous wildlife reserves of Skomer and Grassholm islands. The company needed to update their web presence to both be mobile compatible and to have an online booking system for their trips. Buzinet built a reponsive website using the WordPress platform which has a user friendly adminstration console and is designed to be naturally attractive to the major search engines.

herons brook

Herons Brook Retreat

Herons Brook Retreat needed a new website to replace a legacy web system, as browser technology advances so websites need to be upgraded to keep pace both by way of their layot and for security reasons.

Herons Brook Retreat is a complex of luxury holiday lodges with a integrated golf course near Narberth in Pembrokeshire

The new Herons Brook Retreat website resizes for mobile device compatibility and adheres to Google’s mobile website standard which is instrumental in the search engine position that the website receives.