Getting noticed – the cult of personality

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It’s important to be seen, to be noticed. If you’re selling something, the more people who see it, the more chance you have of selling it. The proudest strutting peacock has the best chance of advancing their bloodline. However as … Continued

More Traffic, Sharp Focus Or Broad Brush?

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How do you set up your website for the greatest impact, the most users and ultimately the biggest improvements to your bottom line? It’s a question that has no ‘silver bullet’ answer, there have been thousands of systems, plans, and … Continued

Conscientious Content

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I’ve recently been reading a number of well-regarded sources on the subjects in and around SEO and  web marketing, some really in-depth content, and saw that some of the ideas seemed to be harking back to the bad old days. … Continued

Season To Taste

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Everyone has a memory of a great meal or dish that their mother, father or grandparent used to make, it was special to them and perfected over time. You can’t find the recipes for those meals in a cook book, … Continued

2016 search terms

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At the turn of each year there is a spike in the number of searches being made in the major search engines for any topic with the addition of that particular year. So, for instance a search for ‘best new … Continued

Any One Can Do It, Right?

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Anyone can build a website, it’s true, there are a myriad of ‘off the peg’ systems out there and fair few of the major worldwide hosting companies are touting website builders for one and all, you’ve probably seen the television … Continued

Responsive Web Design

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With new platforms reaching the market every day it’s really important that your website works on a many of them as possible. The best way of doing this is by designing websites using responsive design, this means that as the … Continued


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At Buzinet we create strong brands, a logo design is the cornerstone of a strong brand identity, here are a few we have created. We’re also happy to re-draw an existing logo for you, just in case you don’t have … Continued


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We are acutely aware that a website has to work, it has to achieve business objectives, but with approximately a billion websites in existence, achieving a great position in the major search engines can be a difficult task if you lack experience. We … Continued


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Going hand in glove with the design is the ergonomic planning and layout.  The ergonomic layout determines the way visitors should navigate a website for maximum impact. It should draw visitors in, allowing them to absorb the websites main messages … Continued


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First Impressions count, it’s a very old saying but still entirely relevant. Research suggests visitors will make up their minds whether to stay and browse a website within the first three seconds of it loading, we are fully aware of … Continued

Free Review

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Our ‘Free Review’ service will look at your existing online marketing in relation to your business goals and provide you with a plan of the steps required for success. We have been creating websites and providing online marketing since 1999 … Continued