2016 search terms

At the turn of each year there is a spike in the number of searches being made in the major search engines for any topic with the addition of that particular year. So, for instance a search for ‘best new family hatchback’ would become ‘best new family hatchback 2016’, it’s a simple identifier but the statistics bear out the fact that searchers use the current year as a component of their search term to make sure that they get ‘current’ results. As the internet and its archives of content mature then so does the sheer quantity of entries for such a search term as ‘best new family hatchback’, so the modes in which we make our searches have to mature too.

So we would advise anyone out there trying to keep pace with the market in their area of search to put out new posts and news items on their websites using ‘2016’ within the title and body content, just so that they don’t get left behind.

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